A Woman's Guide to Mountaineering

Gabbard, Andrea
Year Published: 

"A must-read for any woman who is considering mountaineering, who is drawn to the process and transformative experience of climbing to high and distant places. This book answers the most important questions to prepare you for your first mountaineering experience, including information on equipment, training, and, most importantly, why you should climb and what you can expect, as told through the eyes of two women, first-time mountaineers struggling to summit the mighty Mount Rainier.""--Barbara Harris, Editor-in-Chief, Shape magazine. The best guide for women in high places! Mountaineering is the peak experience. And women have been climbing mountains for over a century, experiencing the incredible freedom, the spirit-stirring thrill of being on top of the world. This is the first-ever guide tailored to women mountaineers. Using a fascinating real-life story of two women climbing Mount Rainier, author Andrea Gabbard offers a step-by-step course in mountaineering, packed with solid advice for female novice climbers of all ages. Climb the mountains of your dreams using Gabbard's practical (and woman-smart) mountaineering techniques. Meet the mental and physical challenges of mountain climbing. Train effectively and efficiently before the climb. Get equipment and gear sized and made for your physique. Deal with fears--heights, falling, or failure. Make that climb--learn climbing and rescue techniques and skills. Clear instructional photos demonstrate technical skills. And the text is spiced by first-person stories, as other women climbers share their amazing experiences on the world's highest peaks. Mountaineering: A Woman's Guide guides you every step of the way as Gabbard and her companions climb Mount Rainier, from deciding on a training regimen... to reading the mountain... to handling the most challenging routes safely... to achieving the ultimate goal: the summit. Says French mountaineers Christine Janin: ""When my team and I reached the top of an unclimbed peak, I experienced a phenomenal sense of freedom. It was a gift."""