Into The Wild

Krakauer, Jon
Year Published: 

"Into the Wild is about Christopher Mcandless, a young man recently graduated from college who gives his savings account to charity and takes off on a trip to Alaska to live in the wild. For someone who wanted seclusion, he was great at making friends. On his way to Alaska, he struck a cord with lots of the people he ran into. He abandoned his car and burnt the money in his wallet and took on a new name. He headed into the Alaska bush without any maps and only a small caliber rifle. 4 months after he left civilization, he was discovered by a hunter in an old bus that he had set up as his home. After nearly starving to death, he had unknowingly eaten a poisonous plant and had died. After the discovery of his body, he became a popular newspaper headline and story. Jon Krakauer takes us past the tabloids and digs deeper into his past, telling us a bit more about what spurred him on."