White Rocks Outing

Trip Information

Dates: 1/10/2015

Location: White Rocks, PA


On January 10th, the ECP Mountaineering School
traveled to White Rocks for a day of rope self rescue. Before heading to White
Rocks, students spent an evening lecture going over different self-rescue
scenarios and practicing the necessary knots to perform self rescue in a
climbing scenario. The pre-planning was a good way to jump-start students’
planning for what to do in a self-rescue scenario.


After a short approach hike to the rocks, students were
divided into three different groups where they learned how to rappel with
packs, ascend up a rope using prussic knots, and practice escaping and
transferring the belay. Students also got their first taste of how difficult
climbing slab in mountaineering boots can be.


After enduring several hours of cold, students were brought
together to practice escaping from several scenarios similar to those discussed
in the first lecture. Rescuing incapacitated climbers from a wall is not as
easy in practice as it is in theory!


Following a brisk hike down back to the cars, students
picked up bivy sacks for the upcoming outing at Seneca Rocks and proceeded to
imbibe in beverages at the wonderfully accommodating Hi-To Lounge. Thanks to
all the instructors for helping make this a informative outing for the