Touring California & Nevada Hot Springs

Bischoff, Matt C
Year Published: 

"Whether you're a practicing balneologist (one who seeks the healing properties of natural hot springs) or just an occasional dipper, this book steers you toward the natural baths from Surprise Valley in Northern California to the Mexico/California border. By the looks of the overview map, there may be more hot springs than casinos in Nevada, with warm waters to suit both your style and desire for adventure. Steamboat Hot Springs, 11 miles south of Reno, provides visiting gamblers with a resort-style respite, in contrast to the primitive Gold Strike Hot Spring, found in a narrow valley near the Colorado River. This spring requires a 4-mile round-trip hike and some boulder scrambling ""with substantial drop-offs""; the hot waterfalls and canyon views are reportedly worth the effort. Names such as ""Crab Cooker,"" ""Dirty Socks,"" and ""Terminal Geyser,"" combined with tempting black-and-white photos, make you want to grab a towel and head west."