We need some snowsports information!  Members or non-members, if you have
some good information to help fill out this page, please contact the Activities Chair.

Cross-Country Skiing

Current Coordinator(s): Joyce Appel

Though the ECP may occasionally coordinate a cross-country ski outing for its membership, anyone interested in cross-country skiing is encouraged to join PACCSA (PA Cross-Country Skiing Association) for a mere $6/year since they are dedicated to the activity full time. Their website has lots of information including all the webcams for ski areas. They offer free lessons several times a season and will list trips and races on the website as well as info on new trail systems. For anyone with kids who may be interested, they have a very active youth group, the Yellowjackets, with certified coaches led by Naomi Jarvis. They meet weekly and go on outings and race with other youth groups in Erie and Ohio. It is a great way to support xc skiing.

Downhill Skiing

Current Coordinator(s): Greg Buzulencia


Current Coordinator(s): vacant (seeking volunteers)