Inline Skating

Current Coordinator(s): Robin Kamin

The ECP has not historically sponsored inline skating events, mainly since the Three Rivers Inline Club (TRIC) provides extensive events for this activity. They are an adult recreational skate club that offers organized city street and trail skates for the adult public. Visit their meet-up site that shows the calendar of events:

Free lessons on Wednesday nights to anyone who wants to learn. Anyone who is interested is advised to show up at the Liberty School playground on any Wednesday night (May to Sept) on Ivy St. in Shadyside at 6:30 pm. If you need skates, they have some loaner skates to get you started. Contact Robin (above) if you need skates to arrange for your size to be available that night. After you skate with them once, you will be able to judge what level skater you are.  All skaters are required to wear helmets and wrist guards and knee pads are encouraged.

They love skating and want to promote it and encourage more folks to skate.

Ice Skating

Current Coordinator(s): vacant (seeking volunteers)

Seeking content for this activity. Please contact the Activities Chair with any information.