Simple Foods for the Pack

Axcell, Cooke & Kinmont
Year Published: 

"The more than 180 trail-tested, natural foods recipes here reflect both the Cordon Bleu experience of Cooke and the backpacking knowledge of Excell and Kinmontwho wrote the first edition of this book 10 years ago. Concerned with taste as well as nutrition, the authors offer nut and seed spreads galore and all manner of dried fruit and whole grains. The best news is that a surprising number of tasty and accessible dishes have infiltrated the ranks of the GORP and miso soup gang: hot and sour soup, Swiss fondue, noodles with toasted cashew ginger sauce, pineapple upside-down cake and walnut spice cake. Recipes indicate which steps may be prepared at home and when a food processor can be used; the authors also cover tips on packaging and carrying foods; requisite tools and utensils; menu planning for short and long trips; and where to buy certain ingredients. This book is worth its weight both on the trail and off."