Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long Distance Touring

Dowd, John
Year Published: 

"In this guide, veteran paddler John Dowd provides the foundations of sound seamanship and good risk management, including lessons on how to read the weather and the water, how to navigate, and how to travel with a group. He covers the basics of equipment and technique, detailing types of paddles and strokes, and presents practical, concrete advice on dealing with potential hazards and carrying out rescues. The book also contains information on expedition planning, instructional methods, and sea kayaking for people with disabilities. Completely revised and updated, this edition features new photographs, charts, diagrams, and illustrations.

This guide to long-distance sea kayaking is intended for kayakers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. New to this expanded and updated edition of the classic guide, first published in 1981, are proven techniques for teaching kayaking, helpful information for kayakers who are disabled, and suggestions on how to enjoy a kayaking excursion with minimal impact on the environment. ""As before, Dowd's emphasis is on the right approach, the right equipment, the best skills and techniques, and on safety and survival. It is written out of Dowd's wide experience and intimate knowledge of kayaking. It is lucid, exhaustive and wise -- essential reading for all kayakers, and simply the best book on this marvellous pastime"". -- Paul Theroux

""This comprehensive manual goes beyond technique and equipment to give a thorough analysis of weather, navigation, ocean currents and tides, storms, rescue, survival situations, and expedition planning. Essential reading"". -- Paddles, Oars and Sails

""Both well-written and logically organized, Sea Kayaking is a virtual cornucopia of information pertaining to ocean touring. A glance at the table of contents turns up chapters on equipment selection, technique, seamanship, self-rescue, navigation, weather, storm procedures, and expedition planning, among others"". -- Canoe"

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