On Rope: North American Vertical Rope Techniques

Padgett, Allen
Year Published: 

"This by far the most comprehensive book on technical rope work and rigging I have ever found. The information is of value to anyone who does high-angle work, not just cavers. The authors do a fabulous job explaining different techniques and WHY they work-an attribute lacking in many other such books. ON ROPE has been the single greatest non-human teacher in my climbing career. Its a must-own for anyone who puts their life on a rope.

A really outstanding book! It presumes a very basic level of knowledge and builds your confidence - from the history and making of climbing rope to all the hardware and knowledge needed to descend and ascend. All the techniques are listed and advantages/disadvantages noted for each. There is information for cavers and explorers as well as sportsmen and rescue pros. Some of the most interesting passages in the book describe real situations, poor planning, and what happened. If you want information good enough to go out and survive a dangle from a rope, this is it."

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