Pennsylvania Topo Maps

Map Academy
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"Enjoy USGS Topographical Maps at full state coverage and medium detailed topographic maps. 1:100,000 scale (30x60 minute) detail gives you good information you need for outdoor activities. The Gold edition provides powerful mapping software with an affordable price tag that will help you get started with the convenience of digital mapping.

Map Academy Gold is full of features and capabilities that are powerful, easy to use, and with a user friendly interface. You can quickly search a place, mark its location, and print a custom map of just the area you need and take it with you in the field.

Join the King's Club and Save Details

Beta version GPS Tool is bundled for free- upload waypoints from a Garmin and Magellen GPS unit (eTrex not supported)

High Resolution Viewer for increase map clarity

Full Map Export as .tiff or .bmp file with world file

Print Support for Wide Format and Plotter Printing

Medium detailed topo map from USGS

Most states contain 1 CD and up to 100 maps

Placename search contains up to 40,000 names

Coordinate cursor display in Latitude/Longitude or UTM

Enter and search a Latitude/Longitude coordinate

Save and reference your waypoints in the Waypoint List

80 different symbols to mark on the map

Distance tools to mark and measure trails and roads

Zoom in/out on the map from 12% to 400%

Print just the area you want at different scales

Print a whole Map to scale using basic 8.5""x11"" paper

Windows 95 or higher

Windows N/T 4.0 or higher

24 Meg RAM (64 Meg Suggested)

25 Meg hard drive space

166 MHz Processor (266 MHz Suggested)

800 by 600 pixel screen size

16 bit color or higher

CD ROM drive