Mountaineering School

Mountaineering is the combination of backpacking, camping, navigation, climbing, and surviving the elements among many other skills. The Mountaineering School runs annually from October through February and takes place in both indoor classroom and outdoor sessions.
The mission of the ECP Mountaineering School is to introduce
students to the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and competently
undertake a wide variety of mountaineering objectives, and promote a
spirit of fellowship in the ECP mountaineering community.

Application information is made available in September.

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Denali PlaneKatahdin

Comments from students


Participating in Mountaineering School will improve your quality of life, guaranteed!

Greg Buzulencia, student in 2012-2013


The thousands of steps I took during the school helped me
take my first step towards becoming a well rounded, safe, and confident mountaineer. It was a big personal challenge, but the rewards are things that I can use and enjoy for years to come.

Aaron Stout, student in 2009-2010


This is an extremely empowering course that will open the door to thoroughly enjoying the winter season.

Michelle Najera, student in 2009-2010


It's the most challenging thing I've done in years. And one of the most enjoyable.

Derek Stuart, student in 2009-2010


The process of getting ready for the graduation trip - mentally and physically - was challenging, fun, and life-altering. I feel tremendous gratitude to the impressive team of experienced, dedicated, and supportive mountaineers who come out year after year to put on this course.

Judith Scanlon, student in 2009-2010


The school will push you beyond what you thought you could accomplish. Friends that you make on the mountain are unlike any that you will have in any other aspect of your life.

Justin Kaiser, student in 2009-2010