The Mountain World

Casewit, Curtis W.
Year Published: 

"The mountains are a world of mystery, extraordinary beauty, and potentially great danger. From the beginning of time, they have challenged man's spirit, inspiring fear and reverence and the desire to conquer.

Curtis W. Casewit, who has climbed many of the world's great peaks and lives in the Colorado Rockies, knows the mountains well. In this splendidly illustrated book, he explores the mountains in all their aspects.

The Mountains – Alexander the Great stormed through the Khyber Pass to India, Byron wrote some of the moist stirring verses at the foot of the Alpine giants, and a New York City stockbroker takes to the hills to escape the affluent society. A look at some of the ways man has responded to the mountains through the ages.

Mountain Diversity – How the mountains began, what they have become, and how they are constantly changing. From the hissing volcanoes of Iceland to the undersea mountains we have never seen, the mountains are as different from one another as they are from the land they tower over.

Mountain Moods – Raging blizzards, pelting rain, gentle mists, blazing sunlight. The mountains are mercurial, changing not just from season to season but from moment to moment.

Climbing – From the forbidding north face of the Eiger to the deceptively gentle slopes of England's Lake District to the mighty Everest itself. There are some who must embrace the mountains by ascending them – and the tougher the better. A look at the mystique of climbing, some of the risks involved, plus some tips and equipment and techniques.

Mountain People and Their Community – What is life like at 14,000 feet? This chapter looks at some of the world's mountain-dwelling peoples and their distinctive life styles and customs.

Mountain versus Man – Man has been trying to tame the mountains for centuries. In many cases he has succeeded, but never without paying a price. A look at some of the hazards faced by tunnelers, railroad builders, and others who have set out to mold the mountains.

Flora and Fauna – The unique combination of environmental factors on the mountains has given rise to many plant and animal species found nowhere else. This chapter examines some of the fascinating and curious life forms that thrive at higher altitudes.

Play and Work in the Mountains – People come to the mountains for a multitude of reasons – some to frolic on their slopes, some to uncover the secrets they hold, some t help preserve them. The bond they share is their love and appreciation of the mountain world."