Mountain Biking School

Final Trip to Raystown in 2018


The mission of the ECP Mountain Biking School is to introduce students to the skills and knowledge necessary to ride mountain bikes on a variety of single-track trails including some technical maneuvers and promote appropriate MTB etiquette.

Who are we?

The ECP Mountain Biking School is an all volunteer program, taught by ECP members with a wide range of backgrounds.  In our second year, we are comprised of first-year mountain biking school alumni and other experienced instructors.  Some instructors are accomplished mountain biking racers while others just like to casually ride in the woods.  We're looking to introduce more people to mountain biking and show you how approachable it can be for beginners!

Marla's turn to show her skills

What You Will Learn

  • Appropriate Gear and Clothing for Mountain Biking
  • Basic trailside maintenance
  • Basic skills to ride trails around Southwestern PA
  • Different types of mountain bikes and disciplines associated with mountain biking
  • Fitness and injury prevention for mountain biking
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Anything else you want to learn about

About the Course

  • Applications are closed.  Contact the directors with any questions.

  • Student fitness and skills checkouts will happen while applications are open

  • A prescribed riding fitness routine is provided and highly encouraged, beginning several weeks before the first class for accepted students

  • Schedule - classes and outings will be held weekly throughout July and August

  • 1 required textbook - Mountain Bike! by William Nealy

  • Course fee is $120 (book is not included - purchase and begin reading before first class)

  • Membership in the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh is required to apply for the school

  • Riding your own mountain bike or another loaner bike that you can use throughout the school is highly suggested - no cyclocross bikes, downhill bikes, or BMX bikes.  Loaner bikes are available from instructors if needed, but are limited in number and size.

Mark in the Wheel Mill


  • You must be 18 years of age to apply.

  • You must be a member of the ECP to participate. The annual club membership cost is
    $20 for an individual membership or $25 for a family membership. If you
    need to join or renew your membership, click here.  You can apply for ECP membership and Mountain Biking School at the same time, just be sure to follow both application processes.

  • The School fee is $120.

If you have questions, email

Final Trip to Raystown in 2018