Medicine for the Outdoors

Auerbach, MD, Paul, S.
Year Published: 

"Anyone who travels to out-of-the-way places will take comfort in this handy, updated guide to coping with medical emergencies. It is much more than a first aid manual. True, Auerbach does not skimp on common-sense precautions: he suggests that a wise traveler must let friends know his or her itinerary in advance, attend to any known medical problems well before setting out and pack in anticipation of possible mishaps. The author also gives valuable information on first aid kits, immunizations and transportation of injured victims. However, Auerbach goes beyond the call of duty in his detailed attention to heart attacks, chest injuries, falls, allergic reactions and strokes; he tells us what to do until a doctor arrives. Minor malaises such as strains and sprains, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and food poisoning are also addressed. Other chapters focus on ailments related to altitude or excessive heat or cold. Especially useful are an extensive medical glossary and appendices on commonly used drugs and where to find further information about wilderness medicine. This indispensable handbook is not only for off-the-beaten-track travelers, but for anyone who has to worry about a physical crisis away from home. Auerbach is head of emergency medicine at the Vanderbilt University medical center in Nashville and co-editor of the Journal of Wilderness Medicine."