K2 Triumph and Tragedy

Curran, Jim
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"K2, ""the savage mountain"", is the second-highest peak in the world - and the most difficult to cllimb. In 1986, it was the site of both dazzling triumph and great loss as twenty-seven men and women reached the top but thirteen died trying. Tto this day it ramains the single greatest tragedy in the history of mountaineering. Curran was there to record it all in words and photographs: courage and obsession, luminous success and thwarted ambition.


Before the 1996 Everest disaster made that mountain synonymous with tragedy at 8,000 meters, there was K2. More technical in most routes than Everest, the world's second-highest peak is considered the ultimate achievement by many mountaineers. In 1986 K2 claimed the lives of 13 climbers in nine different parties attempting its summit. Author Jim Curran was on the mountain during the ordeal, and through narrative and photographs, Curran documents the sagas of success, failure, and tragedy in a fateful year that captured the world's attention. Alongside the terror of avalanches, crevasses, and horrific storms are stories of bravery and the indomitable human spirit.

From Publishers Weekly

In the summer of 1986, nine expeditions, representing 10 nationalities, attempted to conquer K-2, the world's second-highest mountain, located in Pakistan. Twenty-seven people reached the summit; 13 perished. Climber-photographer Curran has ""told a gripping story that belongs with the classics of mountaineering,"" praised PW. Photos.

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