Willis, Clint
Year Published: 

"It is extraordinary when a piece of literature has a reader sitting on the edge of her seat, totally absorbed: Ice and Wild, new releases in the ""Adrenaline"" series, have just that sort of power. Following in the footsteps of the previous titles Epic, High, Rough Water, and The War, series editor Willis continues to capture readers' attention, allowing them to experience vicariously the threat of danger and the ultimate quest for survival through the eyes and emotions of each selected author. He draws from the works of contemporary writers such as Barry Lopez, Jon Krakauer, and Bill Bryson or from selections from historical figures such as Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and Richard Byrd. The reader is treated to candid accounts of the joys and dangers of exploration, expedition, and adventure travel. In Ice, readers are taken to the Antarctic to learn about one man's incredible quest for penguin eggs in -77 degree (Farenheit) temperatures; and to hear about how 20 men traveled south after being trapped in the ice for two winters 750 miles from the North Pole. In Wild, readers witness danger in the Amazon River and Alaskan regions, and in swamps, jungles, canyons, and deserts around the world. The 14 pieces in each book fill a specific niche for those who enjoy adventure travel. Broad in scope, these book offer exciting and riveting tales about incredible journeys. Both of these books would be excellent additions to any library travel section."