Gurnee Guide to American Caves: A Comprehensive Guide to the Caves in the United States Open to the Public

Gurnee, Jeanne and Russell
Year Published: 

"The Gurnee Guide to American Caves if the only guide for the eight million tourists who visit American caves each year. It is small enough to be taken along on a trip, yet contains all the information that might be useful to the tourist planning to visit a cave – for the first or hundredth time. The opening section introduces the world of caves. It describes the types of caves – limestone caverns containing stalactites and stalagmites, lava tubes formed by molten flow from volcanoes, sea caves carved from stone by the action of waves, boulder caves composed if rocks pushed by moving glaciers, and others 0- and also the unusual and strange kinds of mineral formations found underground, some of which science still cannot explain and which can be seen nowhere else on earth.

The cave guide reports on every cave in the 50 states that is currently open to tourists. For each cave the following information is provided: location on state map, mailing address, telephone number, directions by car, detailed description of the cave (its natural history, discovery, features, and programs of special interest – such as candlelight tours, boat rides on underground lakes, rugged spelunking trips, wheelchair cave trips), dates and hours open, times of tours, facilities on premises and nearby, other tourist attractions within a 30-mile radius. Photographs accompany many of the 200 cave descriptions, and the authors – who have been exploring and writing about caves for 25 year – advise the tourist on the difficulty of each tour."