Guide to the Colorado Mountains

Ormes, Robert M.
Year Published: 
1992 (9th ed)

"For nearly 50 years and for generations of outdoor enthusiasts, the authoritative source on Colorado's mountains has been Guide to the Colorado Mountains. Now this new edition compiles updated route descriptions for more than 1,500 hiking and climbing destinations-peaks, passes, lakes, and trails-from the expert trip leaders of the Colorado Mountain Club. All the ranges are covered, with trails and peaks grouped by access and with new maps, photos, and a detailed index. A checklist ranks the peaks in order, and special sections cover climbing history, geology, backcountry use, recommended equipment, and much more.

this book is not for novices looking for a tour guide or sightseeing guide to the mountains in colorado. it is, however, one of, if not the best, summary of climbing & mountaineering in colorado's mountains. it's best for those already familiar with climbing and packing as it doesn't cover any basics, really. good information for those looking for someplace to go.

Not for novice climbers who need more detailed descriptions or are looking only for the same crowded peaks covered in the other Colorado guidebooks. But a unique resource for more experienced climbers/hikers/backpackers with hundreds (thousands?)of peaks and other destinations to explore. No other book I've found covers ALL of Colorado's mountains - with enough info to get you going on the right ridge or around the odd obstacle. I've climbed nearly 1000 peaks in Colorado and never needed another guide, although others may find the descriptions too short.

I much agree with the previous reviewer who stated...just enough to get you in trouble. Exactly. As I hinted at in my review title, you don't get much more than the names of the peaks in this book. While for someone who hasn't read anything else it may seen useful but in my case I've read and own many mountain guides.

This book is woefully gives you little information on approaches, very vague descriptions of climbing routes if at all, etc. For an example of what a good mountaineering guidebook should be then checkout anything by Gerry Roach or if you are a 4-season climber like me, look into Louis Dawson's guides"

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