Facing The Extreme

Kocour, Ruth Anne
Year Published: 

"Kocour, a medical illustrator and veteran mountaineer, was part of a team that set out to climb Mt. McKinley, North America's highest peak, in 1992. This book, written with the assistance of outdoor author Hodgson, is the account of that harrowing experience. On the ninth day of the climb, the worst storm in recorded Alaskan history trapped the party at an elevation of 14,000 feet for 11 days, subjecting the climbers to raging winds of over 110 mph, temperatures plummeting to 47 degrees below zero, and snowdrifts that threatened to entomb them. Kocour passionately recounts how all ten members of her team survived the storm that took the lives of 11 other climbers on the mountain, and how, in fact, they ultimately reached the summit. Readers interested in climbing details will be disappointed, but those looking for a human adventure story of extreme physical and mental challenges will not be."