Exploring Underwater: The Sierra Club Guide to SCUBA and Snorkeling

Culliney, John L.
Year Published: 

"the book is very well written, easy to read and understand. the topics covered are those that any advanced diver may encounter on any dive in saltwater. it goes just deep enough into the subjects to give you a fairly through knowlage of what to expect on a dive into the discribed enviroment without boreing you with lenghty technical terms that only a scientest would understand. it discribes boat diving, deep diving, underwater hunting, cold, kelp, wall, wrecks, night, camera, caves, dangers and hazards with life forms at depths, as well as human physiology and the hazards associated with hyperbaric activity. it also covers the equipment, and educational aspect of learning snorkling and scuba. It IS a very good book, and if you have more than just a passing interest in scuba diving, then this book is a ""must read"" book. It is the most fulfilling book I have read on diving. it was published in 1980, and some of diving techniques have changed slightly, (at least in my area,-pac.N.W.)the ocean and its critters have remained the same."

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