Everest: The West Ridge

Hornbein, Thomas F.
Year Published: 

"In one of mountaineering's greatest adventure stories, Tom Hornbein tells of his and Willi Unsoeld's dramatic first ascent of Everest's West Ridge-a route that had been dismissed as hopeless by all previous expeditions. Part of the first successful American expedition, Hornbein and Unsoeld ascended beyond ""the point of no return"" to make the summit, and were then forced to bivouac at 28,000 feet without food, shelter, or oxygen in what is one of mountaineering's most compelling survival stories.

""If we can pull it off,"" said the climber, referring to a route up Mt. Everest's West Ridge, ""it would be the biggest possible thing still to be accomplished in Himalayan mountaineering."" To undertake such a route is to understand that failure is not an option; there is no turning back from the West Ridge. In 1963 Thomas Hornbein, the author of Everest: The West Ridge, and his partner Willi Unsoeld committed themselves to such a glory-or-death assault on the world's tallest peak. Their achievement is told within the pages of this book, one of the classic mountaineering sagas of all time."

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