ECP Mountain Biking School Application


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The ECP Mountain Biking School will introduce participants to the basic information and skills of mountain biking.

Mountain biking can be a frustrating and scary sport at first, but once confidence and experience is gained, it becomes an incredibly fun way to be physically active and outside.  The amount of gear needed to be fully outfitted can be tuned to your expected level of commitment, and is usually a front-loaded expense (after a bike, accessories, clothes and gear are purchased, minimal amounts are needed to maintain the bike and gear).  You will gain fitness through the fitness routine before the classes and outings start to ensure that you get the most out of our time-on-bike together. Be prepared to prioritize your time this summer to become fit on the bike and commit to the classes and outings to go from frustrating and scary to fun and engaging.

You will gain the most from this experience by committing to every class and outing.  Be honest with yourself that you intend to ride before the school and more after the school while the training is fresh and a crucial time to lock in fundamental skills being honed in the class.  Although this school doesn't take up much beyond 5 weeks in your calendar, commiting to prepare your body and bike and to practicing what you learn is absolutely key to take your skills to the next level and really unlock trail bliss!  Pittsburgh and the southwest PA region has an embarassment of mountain biking riches that will keep you excited and coming back for more after you build your fitness and fundamental skills from this class.


You must be or become an ECP Member.  Click HERE to apply

An assessment of your basic bike handling skills and physical fitness is required
prior to being accepted as a student. You must be competent in mounting your bike, maintaining balance, shifting, braking, riding up and down ~3 miles of doubltetrack trails (like in Frick or Schenley Park) without needing to dismount or rest.  We will teach more skills in the classes and outings - only basic ability needs to be demonstrated at one of the two student checkouts.

Be committed!  (See Expectations)  The number of students accepted into the school
will be limited for everyone’s benefit.  Students must try to get out as
much as the Instructors put in!

Some Details

All students and instructors must maintain current membership in the ECP and sign a liability waiver.

The Mountain Biking School Fee is $120.00.  If you are not accepted, your money will be returned.  Note that you will also be responsible for all of your transportation costs for classes and outings.

Students are required to purchase one book: Mountain Bike! by WIlliam Nealy.  Otherwise, the main text for the course is the free online book "Mastering Mountain Bike Skills" (2nd edition) by Brian Lopes and Lee McCormack.  There will be reading assignments and
quizzes based on the reading. Students will be expected to keep up with
the required reading and homework, participate in class discussions, and
to maintain biking fitness to minimum standards to remain in
the school.

Submit the following items no later than Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 11:59 PM. 

  • Submittal of Online Application (coming April 30th, 2019) (print or save a copy for yourself)

  • PayPal for $120.00

Your application will not be complete without these items. Contact if you have additional questions.