Derek C. Hutchinson's Guide to Sea Kayaking

Hutchinson, Derek C.
Year Published: 

"Discover the adventure and excitement of a challenging frontier, the sea and its coastal boundaries, in the only book that shows you how to learn the handling and rescue techniques vital to the solo kayaker. No longer will you be satisfied with the glimpse of a darting kayak. Once you've read Derek C. Hutchinson's Guide to Sea Kayaking, you will try kayaking for yourself.

Sea Kayaking begins with boats, their origins and design, and then takes you on a comprehensive tour of the art of kayaking on the open sea. You will learn about equipment, from the most basic (life jackets and paddles) to the most unexpected (climbing ropes and shark-deterring bang sticks). New to this edition are comprehensive instructions for executing Eskimo rolls to survive capsizing, a diagram depicting the screw roll, and information on identifying types of waves and friendly or threatening wildlife.

You will be guided, step-by-step, through useful and lifesaving kayaking maneuvers, from sweep stroked and drop launches to group rescues and towing techniques. And you will learn to navigate through unfamiliar and spectacular coastlines transformed by winds, currents, and tides.

Learn all this plus an experienced paddler's advice on leadership and group dynamics during an extended kayaking trip. Written with dedication and know-how. Sea Kayaking will inspire you with the confidence and informed enthusiasm required to plan both a short coastline jaunt and a long voyage."