Deborah: A Wilderness Narrative

Roberts, David
Year Published: 

"15 illustrations. Ascent of the East ridge of Mt Deborah in Alaska. About the unsuccessful attempt by Roberts and Don Jensen (Jensen pack and the Jensen Bombshelter Tent) to climb Mt. Debroah in Alaska. Interesting introspective reading.

Deborah is the story of Roberts' expedition with fellow Harvard Mountaineering Club Member Don Jensen to the eastern side of Mount Deborah in Alaska in 1964. Their two man attempt on the then-unclimbed ridge was a rash and heroic effort. The story tells not only what happened on the mountain, but what happened in that stark isolation to the climbers and to their friendship, as each became totally dependent on the other for survival.

""Deborah"" starts out at a slow plodding pace but then draws the reader into the events that happened to Roberts and his partner in the remote wilderness of Alaska. The dynamics of the two climbers make for a interesting study of how people deal with extreme conditions."


"Link and picture are for the new edition which includes one of Robert's other books - ""The Mountain of My Fear"" - We only have the one - ""Deborah: A Wilderness Narrative"""