Climbing Big Walls

Strssman, Mike
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"Big wall climbs are guaranteed adventure. A sport with highly complex gear and extremely demanding techniques, big wall climbing is a rigorous, exciting activity. Know the gear and the support systems required for big wall ascents. Understand the demanding techniques needed to rise straight up the face of almost any vertical wall. Know what to expect on your first climb. Climb big walls fast. Use proper leading techniques. Understand how to haul and clean. Climb big walls solo. Consult the glossary to understand climbing jargon.

Jim Bridwell is called Mr. Big Wall. His climbing experiences stem back two decades. Specializing in speed climbing, Jim was the first climber to ascend El Capitan in on day. Steve Grossman is and experienced climber whose concern for the environment causes him to take the concept of clean climbing to the extreme. Steve writes about putting up first ascents and climbing ethics, two concepts that go hand in hand. Randy Leavitt has produced some of the toughest pitches ever climbed on El Capitan. A bold climber, Randy's main concern is safety as you will notice in his chapter on Tricky Placements. John Middendorf has ascended El Capitan over 20 times. As President of the climbing equipment company, A5 Adventures, John and A5 have helped many beginning big wall climbers reach new heights. Steve Schnieder sets the pace when it comes to speed climbing. Along with a partner, Steve climbed two routes on El Capitan in one day. Steve's chapters give techniques for climbing fast, how to achieve a one-day ascent, and rope soloing. Mike Strassman is chief editor to this book. He has written two other ICS titles to include The Basic Essentials of Rock Climbing and The Basic Essentials of Mountain Biking. Mike has experience climbing various terrains, everything from Zion Canyon and The Equinox to The Washington Column."

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