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Rock Climbing

Current Coordinator(s): Ron Edwards

Local Climbing Guide

Local Crag List

The following is a partial list of known rock climbing areas within a couple of hours of Pittsburgh, PA, and close enough for day trips. Be Advised: Information may be out of date! For information on areas further away and requiring more than a single day's worth of commitment, see the Long Distance Trips below.

Listed in order of distance.

Climbing Area Locale Drive Time Car To
McConnell's Mill Portersville, PA 45 min 1 min Open
Spruce Hollow Connellsville, PA 50 min   Closed
High Rocks Derry, PA 1 hour   Closed
Breakneck Rocks Connellsville, PA 1 hour   Open
Uncle Joe's Connellsville, PA 1 hour   Closed
Casparis Connellsville, PA 1 hour   Closed
The Knobs Dunbar, PA 1 hour, 5 min   Open
Coll's Cove Dunbar, PA 1 hour, 10 min   Open
Krahlick Rocks Dunbar, PA 1 hour, 15 min 5 min


The Lost Crag Dunbar, PA     Open
Elk Rocks Dunbar, PA      
Cow Rocks Dunbar, PA     Open
Rattlesnake Rocks Dunbar, PA      
Fish Rocks Dunbar, PA      
Rebecca Rocks Dunbar, PA      
Weeping Dunbar, PA    
Jumonville Rocks Uniontown, PA      
Meadow Run Ohiopyle, PA      
Bruner Run Takeout Ohiopyle, PA      
Raven Rocks Ligonier, PA      
Pike Run, Donegal Donegal, PA      
Shaffer Run Donegal, PA      
Beams Rock Rector, PA      
90' Rocks Rector, PA      
Bear Rocks Acme, PA      
Red Arrow Rocks Ligonier, PA      
White Rock Fairchance 1 hour, 20 min   Open
Seven Springs Airport PA 1 hour, 20 min   Closed
Woodlands WV 1 hour, 30 min 10 min Closed
Frontier   1 hour, 25 min    
Stairway to Heaven        
Roaring Run Champion, PA      
Logtown Quarry Libson, OH 1 hour, 20 min   Open
Coopers Rock Morgantown, WV 1 hour 40 min   Open
Wolf Rocks Johnstown, PA 1 hour, 50 min    
The Narrows Cumberland, MD 2 hours 15 min Open
Donation Donation, PA 2 hours, 30 min    
Bellefonte Quarries Bellefonte, PA 3 hours   Closed

This information is as of Nov 2004.  If you have any new/updated information, please contact the ECP Rock Climbing Coordinator.

Much of this information was derived from other sources, some are but not limited to: Todd Mummert and Tim Anderson's (ClimbPA) websites.

Urban Climbing

The ECP does not advocate any unauthorized climbing on private property or public structures.  Please respect the law.  With this in mind, the following is provided purely as information.

The Coliseum (A.K.A. Oakwood City Park, Crafton "Arena")

This large round circular wall, formerly water retention, surrounds 2 tennis courts.  It's walls are made of big sandstonestone blocks and are 15-20 feet high in areas.  Excellent bouldering on real rock with a somewhat rough landing.  People don't mind if you climb there, and chalk is ok, but don't be surprised if you get distracted by screaming 3 year-olds or stray tennis balls.  It's a 400-foot traverse to get from one side of the wall to the other.  You can probably do the whole wall without doing any moves harder than 5.8 or 5.9 if you're really good at routefinding and don't mind going up near the top of the wall. It's pretty crimpy, though you can find some slopers, pockets, sidepulls, and underclings if you look for them.  There are also a number of reasonably hard boulder problems which follow drill pockets to the top of the wall.

Access:  This is a public facility with seemingly no issues regarding use for climbing.

Directions:  279 South to Exit 4A. Bear L onto Mansfield. R @ SL onto Poplar.  Turn onto Durbin St.  A few hundred feet down on the R you'll see a playground; pull into the driveway and park (it's easy to miss the driveway your first time).


You can climb on the side of the wall away from the road.  The train engineers apparently don't care if you climb there, as they usually wave when they pass by.  Watch where you park, though, as many of the nearby spaces are permit-only.  The climbing here is a bit different from Crafton, as many of the blocks are lumpy and push you out from the wall.  There are bigger footholds and more large slopers than at Crafton, but some tiny crimpers are occasionally required.  The wall starts about 15' high and trails down to nothing after about 1000', but you can climb on it for at least 700' before it gets too short.

Directions:  28N to Aspinwall exit onto Freeport Rd (the main road through Aspinwall).  Stay on this road for a mile or so. Eventually you'll see an elevated railroad track on your right, supported by a big stone wall right next to the road; if you've reached Waterworks Mall, you've gone too far.

Schenley Park Bridge Buttress

Very large man-made sandstone blocks up to 25' tall with many bolts on both faces.

Access:  No problem (remote location).

Directions: Schenley Drive to Wilmont Rd.  Immediately after bridge, turn R onto road into park.  Park down by trestle.  walk R of road short way down path under trestle to old, unused bridge buttress.

Sewickley Cemetery

Information not available.

Directions:  Not available.

University of Pittsburgh Campus

The road close to the Eng. Auditorium with the climbing/bouldering was Parkman Ave just off Ohara St which the Auditorium is on.  It goes up a hill and then turns right and on that corner is a huge wall made up of very distinct large blocks kind of similar to the courthouse downtown.

Long Distance Trips and Travel


Lynchburg Climbing Club

West Virginia

Coopers Rock - Sunset Area

Seneca Rocks (WV)

New York

Shawagunks (NY)

New York City

North Carolina

Stone Mountain (NC)


Red River (KY)


Ohio Climbers

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Ice Climbing

Current Coordinator(s): Jason Maruccio

We need some ice climbing information!  Members or non-members, if you have
some good information to help fill out this page, please contact the Activities Chair.

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