Chapman Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handling

Maloney, Elbert S.
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"Developed in 1917 by pioneering small-craft enthusiast and Motor Boating magazine editor Charles F. Chapman, Chapman Piloting covers the gamut of information that both the fledgling boater and seasoned mariner need to know. The 62nd edition includes fully updated sections on navigation with satellite technology, procedures for emergencies, and maritime laws and regulations. In addition to the thorough chapters on boating basics, safety, the art of seamanship, waves and weather, piloting and navigation, electronic equipment, and the boating community, subjects are wonderfully illustrated, cross-referenced, and supplemented by a comprehensive glossary of boating terms. Without question, Chapman Piloting remains a standard text for boating schools and has long stood as a ready and dependable first mate in wheelhouses of powerboaters and sailboaters alike

Continuously updated to reflect ever-advancing technology, Chapman Piloting, Seamanship & Small Boat Handling remains the most comprehensive and authoritative reference guide to recreational boating after three quarters of a century. More than 1,500 photographs and drawings illustrate all the information necessary to own and operate a seaworthy boat. With a well-earned reputation as the Bible of Boating, Chapman's offers the most current data on boat handling, basic piloting procedures, sailboat and powerboat seamanship, charts and compasses, tides and weather, and boating equipment, as well as all the official boating laws and regulations governing the nation's waterways. Also included is the latest information on developments in the crucial fields of marine electronics, safety systems, radar, and communications.

Used by private navigation and sailing schools throughout the country, Chapman's is also recommended by the United States Power Squadrons and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary for their public boating-education classes. Whether used as an on-board reference, for home study, or in conjunction with boating courses, this is the one indispensable text for novice and expert alike."

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