Backpacking and Hiking

Current Coordinator(s): Bethany Melvin

If you'd like to see spectacular views, go places other people don't go, and generally just have a great time in the woods, then backpacking is for you.

Backpacking is basically spending the days hiking and the nights camping in the wilderness - carrying everything that you need on your back with you...enjoying the solitude of the wilderness, or the company of the wildlife (human or otherwise)!

There are many aspects of Backpacking:


  • Fitness

  • Clothes

  • Boots

  • Food

  • Hydration

  • Maps and compass

  • Hiking poles

  • Ten Essentials


Eating (view Eating in the Backcountry PDF)
  • Kits

  • Stoves

  • Water filtration

  • Food

  • Tent / Groundcloth

  • Sleeping pad

  • Sleeping bag

  • Clothes

  • Building a fire

  • Lanterns

  • Headlamps

  • Flashlights


  • Backpack

  • First Aid

  • Miscellaneous(Camera, binoculars)

  • Personal Hygiene (Toiletries, towels)

  • Communication (2-way radios, GPS)

  • Emergency supplies

  • Leave No Trace

Gear Rental