Backcountry Huts & Lodges of the Rockies and Columbias

Scott, Jim
Year Published: 

"For the steadily increasing number of backcountry vacationers who enjoy the rugged grandeur of the mountains but still appreciate having a roof over their heads at day's end, this comprehensive guide to wilderness lodging in Canada's Rocky and Columbia mountains will guide backcountry enthusiasts to the best of both. Hikers, mountain bikers, heli-skiers, cross-country skiers and showshoers will find a wealth of information about warm havens—from primitive to palatial—to enjoy after strolling over alpine ridges, scaling granite spires, hiking through alpine meadows or carving turns on glaciers.

Covering all 125 backcountry facilities in these two magnificent mountain ranges, Backcountry Huts & Lodges of the Rockies & Columbias provides everything needed to plan a spectacular wilderness vacation for any season, any skill level and any budget. It provides complete information on location, GPS coordinates, amenities, features, cost, access descriptions and booking arrangements.

At the primitive end of the scale are tiny, no-cost bivouac shelters used by mountaineers, and at the palatial end are the luxurious, fully commercial operations with accredited guides, gourmet meals and a well-stocked wine cellar. In between are lodges, huts, log cabins, stone chalets, yurts and even some abandoned mining-camp shacks to suit any taste and budget.

The mountains of the Canadian West have been attracting wilderness lovers for over a century. Only now has a comprehensive guidebook been produced to help them plan unforgettable alpine getaways in the pristine backcountry."