100 Hikes in the South Cascades and Olympics

Spring, Ira
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"Hikers of every skill level will find 100 daytrips and overnight backpacks from the high altitude of the South Cascades to the stunning peaks and valleys of the Olympics, to the shores of the Pacific Coast.

No one, and I mean no one, knows the trails of the Pacific Northwest like Ira Spring and Harvey Manning. Whether you are looking for advice on a brutal five day hike-a-thon over the toughest terain, or a family-friendly afternoon hike to introduce your outdoors passion to family or friends, they have been there and done that, with and without the kids or the crampons. The directions are always clear, concise, and accurate. The photos belong in a glossy coffee table book, not a guide book. Maybe there are individual books that are better at an individual trail, but for a sure thing every time, go with Spring and Manning!

Good book for assisting in decisions about where you'd like to hike. Provides an idea of how crowded, well-maintained trails are, etc. Not the best Olympics guide, however (for that you want Robert Woods' book). Like the rest of the 100 Trails series, it's very good for an overview of your hiking options but lacks depth. Not a severe criticism, I've found my volumes of these books useful for many years."

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